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9/12/2019 · It's been a while since I updated. That revamped site hasn't really come to fruition yet. I've decided to dabble in some video game streaming which you can find on the homepage so hope you check out some of my latest videos and subscribe if you enjoy them :)

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Manga Reviews

In Japan, manga is a drug. People are addicted to it and for good reason: it's extremely entertaining. Also referred to as Japanese comics, manga has grown popular throughout the United States and many other countries. Practically every book store and newsstand has some sort of manga whether it is in the form of a graphic novel or a manga magazine. Unfortunately unless you do research to find what manga series are good you simply won't know. You'll be forced to read whatever is popular or most likely a series in which you have seen the anime. That is of course fine, but the number of manga series vastly outnumbers the number of anime series; so by common sense there are more quality manga series than anime. This is why we have compiled a list of manga series that we have reviewed. Take your time, do the research, and find what interests you.

Featured Manga ReviewPluto

Pluto Osamu Tezuka is a beloved colossal figure in the worlds of anime and manga. Reworking one of his creations is a daunting task that few artists have attempted and Pluto could have easily been a failure. However, Pluto is a reboot done right. Naoki Urasawa not only contemporizes a story by the "father of manga" he truly re-imagines it. He is faithful to Tezuka's idealistic vision of a world where humans and robots work side-by-side but he gives the story a gritty overhaul, bringing it into the 21st Century as a murder mystery and police procedural reminiscent of the best those genres have to offer. Read More

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