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Spectrum Staff        
-Fusiongt - I am the creator of all that is good and evil... For whoever shall hold that truth shall forever endeavor the fatalities of mankind...blah blah blah... let's start over. This is my website. I've raised it from nothing to what you see now, and I will continue expanding it forever. Seriously.

-Raye - Owner of Hitokiri's Anonymous. Writes anime reviews, and is in charge of telling me good anime series to watch.

-Enishi - This website's unpaid lawyer... Please do not sue because then he'll actually have to do something. Writes reviews very sparingly. Gives opinions about series I don't watch. Overall, a pretty weak staff member who is more of a cancer because he forces me out of the house once a year. Wasted time I tell ya!

About Site           
I, Fusiongt, began working on websites in 1997. I created my first website, self-titled "Fusiongt," as a fan page for Dragon Ball. My interest in creating websites quickly grew, and I started a new project called "The Spectrum".

The Spectrum, created in 1998, was my first attempt to create a larger website dedicated to all of anime/manga. During this time, I was hosted by Simplenet, whom offered unlimited bandwidth, which is a rarity even today. The Spectrum was mostly just a intro page to my main website at that time, Dragon Ball Requiem. I grew tired of Dragon Ball by early 1999, and left Simplenet to create The Spectrum Network.

The Spectrum Network, thespectrum.net, was my first domain address. My goal was to create a network of anime websites for my Internet buddies over at #db. I was somewhat successful in that I attracted visitors by the hundreds each day. Unfortunatley the lack of actively updated hosted websites hurt my website. Also, add to the fact I was in high school and I went months without updating, led to the death of The Spectrum Network. I finally realized that I could not have a successful website if I didn't put the work in it myself. This is when The Spectrum Lab emerged.

The summer of 2001 I created my most successful version of The Spectrum. This time I concentrated on making it a personal website. I focused on my favorite anime series at that time, and only good things happend from there. Rurouni Kenshin and Berserk paved the way for The Spectrum Lab. I was attracting thousands of visitors each day, something I was unable to do prior to The Spectrum Lab. I then focused on manga scans, and even more visitors came. From 2001-2003, I had created a website that I could finally be proud to call as my own.

The name change from The Spectrum Lab to Spectrum Nexus came about in 2004. It is still basically the same website except for a new layout and new content. The change wasn't absolutely, necessary except after 2 years, I felt the name "Lab" was growing tiresome. Afterall, I had no signs of a "Lab" in my website so I changed the name to "Nexus," which is more of an abstract name. I plan to earn more visitors each month, and to create new content to make this website more popular.

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You can reach me via e-mail at fusiongt@thespectrum.net. Be sure to have a noticeable subject line (like "Anime") otherwise I won't see it over the spam. Unlike most webmasters out there, I actually care what you guys think. Unfortunately this web site is just a hobby of mine so I only check my e-mail once a week. Sorry if I miss your e-mail or give you a very late reply. I type fast and have lots of time, so feel free to converse in useless-yet-meaningful (what?!) e-mails with me!
About Author         
Well this is a little section about myself... If you are reading this, congratulations, you are the first. What can I say? I work on this website on my spare time, and it's actually become quite popular. I'm attending college right now, and I have lots of free time to watch anime (and read manga). This website is my way of giving my opinions towards my favorite series, so I hope you enjoy your time here!
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