"You idiots are just praying. All these people gathered together, just because you are in trouble. That's why you all pray! You are all nothing, but a sacrifice for someone else!"
- Guts

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The Eclipse is the definitive turning point in Berserk. The anime series ends at the climax of the Eclipse and leaves us all hanging, which is why I have compiled the information that happens after the anime series ended. Here you will find the events that occur after the Eclipse. If you don't know who Skull Knight is, click here.

Aftermath of the Eclipse

After the Eclipse, Skull Knight saves Guts and Caska and tells Rickert to heal them with some fairy dust. You want to talk about how strong destiny is in the world of Berserk? That's where are friend Puck comes to play. Puck is a fairy who Guts saves supposedly in the first TV episode, but he was replaced with a helpless young girl instead. In the first Berserk manga volume, we are introduced to Guts and also with Puck. Puck follows Guts around and joins Guts' journey. Now the "coincidence" of their two paths isn't just pure luck. Guts might not believe in destiny, but others around him are still effected by it.

Remember after the 100-man fight in the woods, where Judeau gives Caska the fairy dust to heal Guts? On Berserk manga Volume 7 (page 20), Judeau says how he got it. He used to work at a wandering circus show, and a fairy gave it to him. I can only speculate, but that fairy has to be Puck! So many years before Guts becomes the Black Swordsman, destiny of Puck and Guts cross paths.

Then of course comes Puck's destiny crossing Guts once again after the eclipse. But before that, after Skull Knight saves Rickert's life from the "monster attack" (while Guts was rescuing Griffith), Rickert hitches a ride with some people. Rickert reaches his destination of where The Hawks are supposed to be at, and he receives a gift of fairy dust from one of the men. This fairy dust is, of course, Puck's magic! So Rickert ends up using this magical medicine to heal Caska's and Guts' severe wounds. Talk about how powerful destiny is! Since I already talked about Skull Knight's importance to the story, I'll also mention Puck's. Puck is one of the funniest characters in the story, and he really brightens up Berserk. Without him, the story would be really dark and way too serious!

Since Guts is not bound by destiny, he is in a position to change it. It's what the entire story is about, so hope you caught on by now! After the Eclipse, Guts ends up in Godo's mine shelter. Guts wakes up after many days, with his new wounds: a missing right eye, and a amputated left arm. He has cuts all over since he truly went through a hellish experience and survived. Guts immediatley looks for Caska and finds her outside. Caska is scared of Guts, and is like a lost child. She has been broken emotionally it seems, and only responds to Erika. Guts is shocked of this and runs out of the mine in frustration. Griffith's betrayal, the entire eclipse horrific scene, everything is overloaded in Guts' mind.

Soon Guts meets Skull Knight once again. Ghosts begin to emerge and attack Guts, while Skull Knight explains what they are. They are basically spirits of the dead, that aren't contempt in leaving to the after life. Since Guts is branded from the Eclipse, the evil ghosts are especially after him. SK gives Guts his sword and Guts begins to swing it, taking out all of his frustrations. Guts turns on his mysterious ally and thinks he can kill Skull Knight. SK simply pulls Guts on to his horse, taking his sword back simultaneously, and they ride off.

They ride towards Caska, who is on the edge of a cliff, and she has has evil spirits all around her. Guts frantically asks her what is wrong, but Caska grabs her stomach and is in pain. Caska gives birth to a demonic baby and Guts is freaked out. Guts trys to kill this small evil baby spawn, but Caska won't let him since her maternal feelings are still present. This baby was created months back when Guts returned to The Hawks, and made love with Caska. However, since the Eclipse, the baby turned evil. Sunlight comes up and the baby vanishes along with the evil spirits around Caska. Skull Knight explains that all evil spirits are driven away by light and that the evil hellspawn will appear to Guts and Caska in the future, since like every other baby, it yearns for their parents. Skull Knight takes off again, telling Guts that they will meet again, since both of them are living on the edge.

Shortly after, Guts meets one of his many new enemies. Armed with a new sword that Godo gave him, he is very confident. It's all a game to those monsters, Guts believes... and since Guts is the strongest opponent, they are all after him. Guts tears the monster apart, but it just won't die! Then, attempting a final blow, Guts obliterates his own sword! Now unarmed, he is tossed a bit and cut numerous times. Guts finally ends up in the corner, with a huge shadow hovering over him. It's the Dragon Slayer... a huge sword that Godo made when he was much younger. It's size is so huge that it disables any regular man from wielding it, but then again, since when was Guts "regular"? Guts picks up this sword with ease, and cuts the monster in half! This demonic sword is now Guts' main weapon as he continues his journey, by himself, as The Black Swordsman.

All of this and the story of Berserk has just begun! Check out the manga section to read more Berserk.
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