In every popular anime series there are tons of fans that form an online community, whether it be from message boards or chat channels. Berserk is no exception! So instead of waiting impatiently for the next Berserk manga to come out, why not complain with the rest of us fans? :) This would be typically be a link page, however I haven't seen tons of great Berserk sites out there. Of course I can still add them, just give me a e-mail. Below are links to Berserk sites/boards I visit often.

Nightfall Berserk
This was the first website I visited related to Berserk. Before that, I barely knew anything on the series. So in ways, I owe a lot to Icefall for introducing me to this awesome series! It contains tons of information and the best Berserk media gallery on the internet!

Arctic Nightfall Message Boards
With over 2,000 members, Icefall's message boards are among the best. It has a great community with very smart message posters, and also die-hard Berserk fans. I try to post there as often as I can since there's always new interesting topics every day.
It's simply one of the best Berserk sites on the internet. It has all the information you'll need on Berserk. Not only that, it has a huge community in its Message Board. I'm not too active there, but I plan to be.

Black Sun Over Midland
This could easily be the best Berserk website. It has a very simple layout but contains tons of content and information. Although the page isn't being updated much anymore, it still is one of the best on the internet. It has everything a Berserk fan can ask for.

Mi Piace Pack
Its italian for "I like Pack!", and who could blame her? Most Berserk sites are male dominant, so its great to see a Berserk site run by a female. It creates different aspects to the fans reading it, and I just like it. Among my favorite Berserk pages out there.

Berserk Translation Database
If your looking for text based translations for Berserk, look no further. Although it isn't 100% complete, it still has many chapters and volumes that have been translated. So grab your Berserk manga and read along side with it! Another great translation site is Desire's Guardian Angels.

The Hawks
These guys are the creators of the Berserk manga scanlations. Without them, most of us wouldn't even know what happend after the Berserk TV series ended! I know I owe a lot to these guys, since without them, I wouldn't be a huge Berserk fan. They also have a great message board and a huge community!