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9/12/2019 · It's been a while since I updated. That revamped site hasn't really come to fruition yet. I've decided to dabble in some video game streaming which you can find on the homepage so hope you check out some of my latest videos and subscribe if you enjoy them :)

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Site History

Spectrum Nexus was created in 2004, but its origins go back to 1997. From the web site Fusiongt, to the The Spectrum Lab, thespectrum.net has endured many name changes. Thankfully the name changes have ended and we are left with Spectrum Nexus.

The goal of this site from day one has been simple: to spread the word about Japanese anime. With that in mind, Spectrum Nexus is devoted to providing useful anime/manga reviews, manga scans for users to view, and multimedia. You can view more information about our goals on our front page.

About Author

The setting is the summer of 1997. The school semester had just ended and a young middle school boy embarked on an extremely interesting break from the norm. Little did he know what he was going to stumble upon was a lifetime of research, a career goal, and an extremely interesting hobby.

The boy in that very short introduction is none other than me, James Lin. I created my first site in 1997 and from there my site grew and grew. Without a doubt, this web site has been my most time consuming hobby. And the great thing about it is that I still enjoy doing it just as much as the middle school dork I once was. It all started on the free 2mb Geocities servers and now it has had over 7 million visitors.

The transition from nerd to older nerd is quite interesting, but I'll save you from all the puberty horror stories. My goal from day 1 was to expose anime to the world via the Internet. Working on a web site gave me an excuse to spend lots of time and money watching anime. That excuse still holds true to this very day!

As long as there are anime fans out there, I will continue working on this site. From this web site I've learned so many things about anime and technology. Not just that, but I've learned many things about the world. I've received so many e-mails from people in other countries, as well as United States' military men and women overseas, concerning my site that it's just amazing to me. It's hard to fathom a young adolescent reaching out and sharing a hobby with a solider in Iraq, but it's happened to me on numerous occasions. Those are the types of things that keep me motivated; that keep me happy to do what I do.

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